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As a dedicated recruiter, I am committed to matching the right individuals with the perfect job roles. I thrive on the challenge of identifying talent, assessing potential, and ensuring that every candidate not only meets the job requirements but also aligns with the company’s culture and values.

My passion for connecting exceptional individuals with opportunities that allow them to shine is what drives.

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Here’s what some of our staff say

Having been with the company for 4.5 years I’ve seen a lot of growth and improvement in many areas, not just in size and revenue but in understanding staff needs and supporting them during difficult times. Being there for each other is a core aspect of the team and this has spread to other departments, we frequently talk and support each other, forging new friendships and opportunities to progress within the company.

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Home Telecom Employee

What sets Home Telecom apart is the unparalleled support from the senior management team. There’s an open-door policy where no request is too much, and every idea is earnestly heard and considered. It’s an environment where I’ve found a sense of belonging and encouragement like nowhere else I’ve worked before.

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Home Telecom Employee

I have worked here for close to 10 years and it has been so far the best part of my 38 years in a telecoms career. I have seen a lot of change and growth in that time and all for the better, the business has grown so much from when I started that job security is never a worry. I feel like part of a great big family, and I’m treated as such, from the CEO to the cleaner, we are all seen as equal. Progression is widely encouraged in every team so that your talents are showcased in the right arena to allow you to go from strength to strength, rewarding staff with ethical rates of pay and providing the training and support that allows people to flourish. TAL is a fantastic, happy and pleasurable place to work, I’ve never known a company that gives so much yet asks in reality for so little in return.


Home Telecom Employee