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Here at Home Telecom, we are customer service first. We pride ourselves on offering all of the U.K’s big broadband suppliers, and incorporate our ‘Excellent’ rated customer service in every solution.

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Our customers rate us ‘Excellent’

Since 2011, we have established a strong presence and take great pride in our remarkable Trustpilot rating of 4.6*. This ‘excellent’ rating puts us as one of the industry’s highest.

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100% of our staff are UK based  

Our Welcome Team operates from the United Kingdom, ensuring that you can connect with a live human representative in less than three minutes.

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All of your services, under one roof

From broadband to energy, council tax to water, you can conveniently arrange and manage all your essential services in a single place, and manage them under one roof.

A bit more about us.

For thirteen years we have been working with tenants and home-owners alike to deliver superfast, and super reliable broadband with our unique and exceptional customer service. It’s what makes us different, and what our customers say is the reason they stay with us. We go the extra mile. We keep our call waiting times low, you always get through to a human and even better – we want to speak with you.

As a Home Telecom customer we want you to pick up the phone, so much so, that we put a telephone number on all of our communication. Yes – we have FAQs, but working with all the major suppliers in the U.K including TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky and many more, sometimes you just want someone to help. 

Let us help you, whether you are a tenant moving in and want us to set up your broadband and energy, or a homeowner looking to get the best deal. We want to speak with you. 

Proud to be ISO certified.

Our ISO certifications are accreditations we are really proud of. Not only because it is testimony to the hard work and care that our teams consistently deliver, but more importantly it proves to our thousands of customers that we know how to protect all of the valuable information that we hold about them.

You don’t have to have ISO accreditation to sell broadband but we see it as another reason for customers to believe and trust us to look after them.

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Meet our founder, Nigel

Having worked in the telecoms industry for over three decades, I am incredibly proud to lead the team at Home Telecom, and the single most important element at the heart of our business remains the same, our customers and the service we provide them.

Call me old school, but this means actually talking to our customers, that’s why you will always find a telephone number on every piece of communication we send. Over the years the internet and the way we use it has changed and evolved, and we have had to move with the times. Customers have more choice than ever before, and we acknowledge that not everyone understands as much as we do – which is where we want to help and advise. We know that everyone wants to get the most cost efficient service, but most importantly, when something goes wrong customers want to speak to someone who is able to fix their problem.

As the preferred supplier for over 4,000 lettings and estate agents across the UK we are the recommended choice for tenants, students, landlords and homeowners alike, all wanting the same from a broadband provider; exceptional quality product, UK based customer support and a guaranteed premium service.

I look forward to you joining us soon


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Nigel Barnett - CEO of Home Telecom.

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What truly distinguishes us from other providers is our unparalleled service levels. At the end of the day, our genuine care is what sets us apart.

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