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How to trouble shoot and report a line fault

Before you do anything else, run through the checks listed below.

If we raise a fault to our suppliers and they find that it’s caused by your equipment or wiring then you’ll be charged for the callout and repair time. Obviously we don’t want that to happen! Charges may also apply in cases with of damaged external wiring – e.g. the wire from the telegraph pole to your building, or any underground cabling within your property boundaries.

There’ll be no charge if the fault lies with the line outside your property or in the Telephone Exchange.

Basic Checks for ALL telephone faults

Are you using a cordless phone?

  • Make sure it’s fully charged, a low battery can cause more problems than you’d think!
  • Do you still get the problem if you connect a standard corded phone? If not you’ll need to speak to the manufacturer of your cordless phone

Check your microfilters and broadband setup:

  • All equipment connected to your line needs to pass through a microfilter. Check to ensure it has been connected correctly.
  • Check the master socket. The master socket should be installed at the point where the telephone line enters your property.

Master Telephone Test Socket:

Unplug everything from your line (including broadband, TV equipment and all microfilters) and connect a working corded telephone to the master test socket by removing the front panel as pictured above, for a full video guide on the process click here. Is the problem still apparent?

If this fixes the problem: Either your extension wiring or something connected to your line is causing the problem. Find out which by checking after plugging each piece of equipment back in. Try replacing your microfilter(s) if you can’t find the culprit.

If the problem continues: have a look at the options below to see which option best suits your challenge.

Possible Types of telephone faults

No dial tone/dead line:

Make sure you’ve done all the Basic Checks mentioned in 1. Basic Checks for ALL telephone faults. If you’re still having problems, contact our Support Team either by calling us on 01403 216134 or email us at

Poor line quality (noisy/faint line):

  • Try dialing 17070 and selecting option two ’Quiet Line’ this will give you a quiet line test to allow you to check for line noise. Any noise you hear maybe a problem with your line please run the test again from the master test socket
  • Does the problem only happen when dialling a certain number? If so, it’s more likely to be the other line that has a problem.
  • Does the problem get better / worse if you wiggle the curly cord? If so, your curly cord most likely needs replacing.

Problems making calls:

  • Try dialling with 1280 as a prefix (e.g. 1280 0845 1400 200), this will force the call to be made over our network. If you’re able to make calls using the 1280 prefix then you’ll need to contact us. Do not continue to make calls using this service as you will be charged directly by BT.
  • Do you have the same problem with all your telephones? If only one of them is affected, it’s probably a fault with that connection or handset.

Problems with ringing and ring tone:

  • Check your ringer – make sure it’s switched on and test it by calling your number from a mobile.

Caller Display isn’t working:

  • If you’re told that the service is disabled: Hang up and dial *234#, this should enable the service and fix the problem.
  • If you’re told that Identities will be displayed: Connect another corded caller display phone and try again.

My Problem isn’t listed here:

  • Please contact Technical Support

Why isn’t my broadband working?

Broadband is supplied over your telephone line, so it needs the line to be working properly. Subsequently, it’s very common for telephone faults to cause problems with broadband service. You may see slow speeds or you might not be able to connect at all. In nearly all cases, once the telephone line is fixed the broadband will be too. Connection problems tend to clear up immediately, with slow speeds it’ll be a few days before your speed gets back to normal.