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Short term broadband contracts

Keep yourself connected

for your entire tenancy agreement.

We know that very few tenancies start and finish on the days that you expect. That’s why here at Home Telecom we
ensure that we always offer the highest quality of service, as well as the most flexible packages and contracts
available within today's market place. Keep your cost’s down and ensure that you always have a connection,
no matter what happens.

Check your broadband availability and speed

speeds you can rely on Sky TV Deals

Dive into a world of entertainment

Why not take advantage over 300 satellite TV channels with HD for as little as £25 per month.
Whether you’re renting or buying, our 6-12 month contracts are perfect for you!

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No mid-contract price rises

We promise that we will never raise your broadband price mid-contract.

This means that if you sign up today, you’ll be paying the same price for the entire length of your contract. You will never have a nasty surprise with us.

No mid-term price rises

Our fastest router yet

The Technicolor TG588v v2 ADSL2+ Wi-Fi Router is a connected home enabler, our smart wireless service gateways feature the newest technologies and an optimized architecture for true ultra-broadband high-speed data and video transfer and real-time media sharing. These open, dynamic service platforms open the door to a host of cutting-edge services and applications.

Technicolor Router

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unlimited downloads

No mid-contract
price increase

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