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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did you get my details?

Home Telecom works with more than half the UK’s letting and estate agents to provide tailor made packages, without the hassle. Whether your moving in or out, renting or buying our dedicated team are here to help. Usually at the state of exchanging contracts (sometimes earlier depending on the agent) when you provide your details to the agent, you authorised them to pass your details onto us so we can take some of the stress out of the moving process. We go to great lengths to protect the information we hold and restrict that information to what is required to supply you with a telephone line and Broadband.

Q. Who are Home Telecom and Global 4?

Home Telecom are part of the extremely successful Global 4 Communications who have built their success in the business market place throughout the UK by providing award winning telecommunication services and equipment with many household names as customers, Global 4 has a presence on nearly every UK high street. Some of its customers include; NHS, Londis, Budgens, BrightHouse, ITV and many more. Take a look around our website, you’ll see we really understand the telecoms industry and have a team of experts who are all passionate about telecoms.

Q. How will I be charged?

Line rentals and Broadband charges are charged monthly in advance with call charges in arrears.

Q. How will I receive my bill?

We promise to email you the monthly bill within five days of the start of the month and the direct debit will be collected around the middle of the calendar month. During this time our website has a special login section for you that allows you, not only to review your bill, but in fact gives you daily records of all calls made.

Q. How will my calls be charged?

This is where real savings will be made. Unlike most of our competitors we have no minimum call charges or expensive call connection costs. You simply pay for the duration of the call at our special prices.
With uncompromisingly transparent, per second billing (to 4 decimal places), you only pay for what you use. The majority of our competitors are rounding up their monthly telephone bills to 2 decimal places..

Q. What happens if I have a fault?

Our dedicated broadband support team are here to help resolve any challenges or issues that you may have. Simply call 01403 216134 Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm or Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Q. Other people share my property, how will this work?

To ease communication, Home Telecom asks to nominate one person to act as the main contract holder. All this means is that we will write to and call one person regarding your account. Should you wish to change the name on the contract, we can organise an account takeover by simply calling our Customer Care Team on 01403 216137.

Q. So how long is the minimum contract for Broadband?

With our flexible contracts, we offer anything from 1 month and 6 months for broadband packages, then 12 months for fibre packages.

Q. When I move out what happens to the router?

If you have a standard router, then this is loaned to you for the term of the contract. If you move and take the services, you can take the router with you or if your move and stop the services, you can leave the router for the next occupiers.

Q. How are you able to set up my Broadband faster than other providers?

Home Telecom is one of the only providers that specialises in the moving market. By getting most of our customers information early we are able to get things in place so they are as ready for when you move as possible. We also have our fast track service offering even more priority on the start date.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please review our help and support pages.